There are many factors to consider when choosing the right grass type for your landscape. Below is a rough guide on how to choose your grass type.
> Can grow in shade = LM Berea and Buffalo
> Affordable = Kikuyu
> High Traffic Area such as sports fields = Cynodon and Kikuyu
> Best for sidewalks = Cynodon
> Can do well in sunny areas = Kikuyu
> Grows in a variety of soil types = Kikuyu
> Less mowing – LM Berea
> Low maintenance = Buffalo
> Good tolerance of drought and cold = Cynodon
>  Best for holiday homes = Cynodon
>  Well suited for sandy soils = Buffalo
>  Good for repairing damaged areas/ landscapes quickly = Kikuyu
>  Light green colour = Kikuyu
> Dark green colour = Buffalo
> Lighter shade of green = LM Berea
> Most expensive = Buffalo (cause its harvested once a year)
> Good around pools = LM Berea (for it has a soft spongy appeal)
>  Great choice if you have a dog and children = Kikuyu
> NOT recommended for young children = Buffalo
> Accepted in developments that insist on indigenous plants = Buffalo
> Can be overcome by weeds = Buffalo

Our prices include general land preparation, grass supply, delivery, and installation.
Land that requires intensive preparation incurs extra charges. Deliveries to places more than 40 km from Cape Town incur extra charges. 

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